Ladies: Work and Happiness

For most working women, working is a joy. If you are in the profession of choice and are passionate about what you do, it is a joy. Women are noted to be good at multi tasking. We can do a lot at the same time and this is an asset that ensures success in career. Women are able to manage successful careers and excel whether they are single, engaged or married.

However, this could be challenging. The pursuit of a successful career, juggled with balancing a family and taking care of children could be a daunting task and many women may loose the sense of taking care of self in the process.

Points to note; you are important. To be able to juggle all your multiple tasks, you should be in good health and of sound mind. The lesson learnt from preflight safety demonstration is that, secure your face mask before you help another. Secure your health; eat well, go for regular health checkups, exercise, relax, love yourself. Know that you come first then you'll be in the situation to help your family too and then you will achieve success at the workplace.

Find for yourself a job that you enjoy and are passionate about. After all you spend the most of your awake life at work. Your job should be enriching to your health and not drain the joy out of you. So work with joy, do your best, empower and mentor others. If you are certain you are in the wrong profession then change your job. Be intune with your Maker, love the Lord. Many women have found their strength in the Lord.

You are a woman, a valuable asset to society. Stand tall, raise your head high, put a smile on your face and aim high. All things are possible to them that believe.

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