MY CHILD WON’T EAT: Feeding a fussy eater.

Updated: May 16, 2020

The month of May is dedicated to the little ones and this article is to help you meet the nutritional needs of your child who is a fussy eater.

What a challenge.

A fussy eater is a child who will pick at his/her food, play with it, spit it out, loses concentration whiles eating. The challenges associated with fussy eating is the child is likely to eat little consume fewer calories. This can affect their weight gain and healthy development in general

The Way Forward

  1. It is important to make eating time as comfortable for the child as possible.

  2. Each meal should be balanced i.e should contain food from all the food groups( carbohydrates, meats and substitutes, dairy, fats, fruit and vegetables)

  3. Be patient with the child as he/she feeds. Do not rush him/her.

  4. Use colourful plates and cutlery.

  5. Include finger foods, such as cooked carrot sticks and fish fillets.

  6. Blend or puree the vegetables into stews and sauces if they won’t chew.

  7. Feed frequently. If they don’t eat enough at a time. 3hourly feeds may help.

  8. Make sure they are getting enough fruits and vegetables. 5 a day servings will help.

  9. Don’t be too worried if they don’t eat enough at a sitting. They’ll be fine as long as they’re getting food from all the food groups and having frequent meals within the day.

  10. As long as your child is not losing weight you shouldn’t be too worried.

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