We understand the challenges people go through when they are simply told to go and eat well. After medical nutrition therapy you may still need help with how to put all the info into real food to eat. Making healthy eating choice requires proper meal planning and cooking skill. At Nutrid Wellness, we can help you put all this together. From meal planning to grocery shopping and store tours to cooking some healthful food. We do it all. Cooking is not a daunting task. We can help you learn how to put healthy and delicious food together in a few minutes.


Virtual Cooking Training

We can take you through the cooking training virtually through video presentations from at our kitchens. Practical step-by-step demostrations of how to prepare your food in a healthy way. 


For Staff Canteens

Healthy eating at work means getting the right right food from your staff kitchen. Get you canteen cooks an update course on healthy cooking skills, modified delicious meals (e.g. low fat, low salt diet and pepper free).

Cooking training/ Training of Catering Staff

    • General introduction to food and nutrition.
    • Meal Planning/ Menu development/ Evaluate Manu.
    • Grocery store tours.
      Special Diet Preparation( e.g. Diabetes Diet, Low Sodium Diet etc).
    • Healthy cooking.
      Suitable for personal cooking, catering staff and food vendors.


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