This is a personalised health programme for your workforce.

  • A wellness program for your staff will transform your workforce into healthy, happy employees working in a positive, productive environment.
  • Our dietitians ask what you want, assess your needs, design and deliver a tailor-made programme for you, and review its effectiveness
  • Dietitians are the only healthcare professionals who can assess, create and run effective health and well-being workplace programmes.
  • Our Dietitians will work with your workforce to ensure a positive behaviour change.

Corporate Wellness Package

  • The Benefits of Nutrition Counselling for Employer: Improved Health. Manage costly lifestyle behaviours and disease conditions. Reduce absenteeism. Improve employee retention and engagement. Contribute to a culture of well-being.Increase productivity and vitality in the workplace.

  • Food Demos and Demonstration Kitchens.
    Training of your health and safety team as health champions.
    Individual Nutrition Assessments.
    Nutrition needs assessments.
    Training workshops and presentations.
    Provision of hand out and printout for health fairs and road shows.
    Review of staff canteen menus and food provision.

    Kindly contact as on 0239151514


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