Updated: May 16, 2020

We spend most of our adult awake hours at the workplace. Healthful eating is very important to maintain good health and to enhance productivity at the workplace. Workers who eat well are less unlikely to be ill and unlikely to be on sick leave. Thus, it is important managers take eating at the workplace seriously. Workers should have adequate break time to eat. Also, wholesome, healthful foods should be available to staff.

Sources of food for workers include company canteens or cafeterias, packed homemade lunch, street foods, foods from fast food joints or from restaurants. Depending on how well trained the catering staff are and the observance of safe food practices, food from all these places could be safe and wholesome.

In terms of daily calories, we may need about 300kcal to 500kcal of energy per meal, depending on our energy requirement and energy needs throughout the day.