Lockdown: Reasons Why You Will Love Telenutrition/ Telehealth Appointments

Updated: May 16, 2020

What Is Telehealth/ Telenutrition?

Telehealth refers to the application of digital communications and technology in healthcare. At Nutrid Wellness, we most commonly use the term “telehealth” to mean communicating with clients through telephone conversation, video-based one-to-one counselling sessions, video conferencing for group discussions, secure messaging, or picture-based food logging. This usually refers to when you can see the provider in real-time via video proficiencies. Meal Plans and other documents are sent through emails and slide shares. All the client needs is a personal telephone, a tablet or a computer.

What is driving clients to seek out telehealth appointments?

1. Convenience

Many people have some nutrition-related chronic disease. However, most of these people cannot receive the nutritional care they deserve. With our Telehealth service, you will love being able to access the assistance you need with virtual appointments. Telehealth brings us to your home or office without either of us taking the time to travel. This convenience has helped many busy clients who do not have time for a traditional office visit and those who do not have access to sound dietetic and nutrition services in their communities.

Telehealth appointments offer the same detailed care that in-person visits offer. 2. Affordability

Telehealth makes receiving nutritional care more cost-effective. Video conferencing or telephone conversations reduces travel costs.

3. Increased Communication

Telehealth makes it easier for us to communicate. We stay in constant contact with our clients. Telephone and Video appointments are a great tool for fast check-ins between in-person sessions and offer more frequent follow-up appointments. This is essential for positive health outcomes, and behavioural health changes are easier to achieve with frequent communication. Higher involvement with clients improves the odds of achieving better health outcomes.

Some people for good reason may not be able to attend a physical clinic to meet their health needs. Here at Nutrid Wellness, we make your nutrition and wellness services more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective by offering you nutrition and diet counselling at the comfort of your home or office using technological tools like telephone, video calls, secure messaging, slide sharing and so much more. Clients get the same experience as face-to-face consultation in a physical office, but this time at their own convenience and its relatively affordable.

Get in touch with us if you need a diet consult. The Clinic is a click or calls away during the lockdown.

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