Happily Ever After

Updated: May 16, 2020

This is the closing statement of most fairy tales we read when young. As we grow we wonder if there is anything like happy ever after. Sure there is. As you think,so  you are. Would you like  to be happy, in control, well organised, well nourish and fit, in your dream house, dream vacation, dream family, achieve your goals, then think about these things and work towards them.

I am, thus, on a journey or well-being. Do you care to join me? Wellness could be termed as a state of well-being and satisfaction. Components include healthy eating and lifestyle, physical fitness, and mental well-being as well career and family satisfaction.

Healthy Eating and Lifestyle

The saying goes, you are what you eat. If you eat well it would very well reflect in your physical well-being.

What then is healthy eating?

  1. Eating should be based on all the food groups:

  2. Fruit and vegetables

  3. Starchy vegetables

  4. Diary and alternatives

  5. Beans, fish, meat and alternatives

  6. Oils and spread

About a third of our intake in a day should come from the fruits and vegetables and about a third from the starchy carbohydrates. Proteins  for adults is just about 70g per day and may be more or less depending on the total calorie requirement per day. Diary especially low fat versions like low fat cheese, low fat yoghurts and skimmed milk. Can provide adequate amounts of calcium proteins and other nutrients to the body. Full fat types may be taken infrequently in smaller portions. Plant based alternatives such as soy milk, almond milk and fortified rice milk are good alternatives as these do not provide saturated fats. Very little fats and oils, salt and sugars, should be included in meals. Excessive amounts of sugars and fat can contribute to weight gain as these are high in calories. Eat regularly and avoid skipping meals. People who skip meals may straggle with their weight management. They may tend to over eat their next meal or snack throughput the day on high calorie unhealthy meals.

Keep moving, keep active. A sedentary person is one who stands for less than two hours in a day. Take a walk, take the stairs, clean your house, mow the lawn or wash your  car. All these are a means of keeping active. Make time for having 150mins of planned physical activity. Break this into sessions throughout the week. Start with 20-30min every day or every other day then build yourself up to 50 I in sessions 3 times a week. Relax, have enough sleep, enjoy life, be grateful and content. Work Hard to achieve your goals.

I choose to smile, to love, to have pure thoughts, to eat well and be fit, to be of service to mankind and my Maker. To aim high and achieve my goals. I choose to be happy. This is my happy here and then ever after. Join me on this journey.

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